Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind’s “Boil Yer Blood”

It often requires a scintilla of the hard-sell when it comes to championing acts over a certain age – especially when they’ve been on the periphery for the best part of three decades – but Jim Jones, whose eponymous Revue blew countless unforeseen socks from the feet of many a hitherto-nonchalant concert-goer, is back on the scene with new project Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind. Whereas the recently dissolved Jim Jones Revue seemed to exist in a thrilling parallel universe in which Brian Epstein never wandered into the Cavern Club, the Righteous Mind posit the notion that it was a time-travelling Nick Cave he signed up instead. The skin-melting riffs are still there, as are the powerhouse drums and Jones’ caustic bawls, but rather than wail like a non compos mentis Little Richard, he’s instead possessed by a louchely debonair Lucifer. Jones has successfully married critical acclaim and brushes with the mainstream (such as an unforgettable performance on The Late Show with David Letterman) with a fanbase that epitomises the term “cult.”

Their only release as yet is the three-track EP led by “Boil Yer Blood” which, at first, sounds like the unexpected and glorious return of Grinderman, until Jones’ unmistakable voice invades your senses. On “1,000 Miles From The Sure,” however, things take a ninety-degree turn as Jones sounds like a general surveying the damage the opening song left behind. The final track, the percussive “Hold Up” is like a bar full of drunk gothic sailors welcoming the dawn. With one’s appetite truly whet, an album would be very welcome.


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